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More than one meaning is conveyed by this expression. It is, in one sense, described as the limiting boundary that confines the consciousness of those who labor under the delusion of separateness, a condition caused by desire. It is presumed that no entity is entirely free while on the Path of Liberation, thus from the lowliest human to the Dhyānī-Chohan there is a limit beyond which consciousness cannot pass.

The term occurs in Helena P. BLAVATSKY’S translation of Stanza 5.6 of the Stanzas of Dzyan: “It is the Ring called ‘Pass-not,’ for those who descend and ascend (as also for those), who, during the KALPA, are progressing toward the great day ‘Be-with-us’ (SD I:129). Following this stanza, Blavatsky explains that “those who have been called Lipikas, the Recorders of the Karmic ledger, make an impassable barrier between the personal Ego and the impersonal Self, the Noumenon and Parent-Source of the former. . . . They circumscribe the manifested world of matter within the RING ‘Pass-Not.’”

The term “Ring-Pass-Not” is encountered in the discussion about Planetary Chains. Our Earth (D Globe) is situated on the seventh or most material of the seven “Planes” in Nature. Communication with any of the “less material” globes on other Planes is prevented by the Ring-Pass-Not. For a more detailed discussion of this refer to Chains, Planetary.


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