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(Nazarites; Nazars). Jews who have consecrated themselves to the service of GOD. Their qualifications are mentioned in the Old Testament (Num 30:1-8; 6:1-21; etc.). Examples of Nazirites are Joseph, Samson and Samuel. They can be either male or female.

There are two types of Nazirites. Those who were deemed as such from birth, and those who volunteer to be so. Samson was offered to become a Nazirite by his mother even before his birth. Nazirites had three vows: they were not to drink any wine, or cut their hair, or to be near a dead body. They become unclean for seven days when they touch a dead body, during which they need to purify themselves by shaving their heads and afterwards making offerings.

Helena P. BLAVATSKY wrote that the Nazirites or Nazars were the predecessors of the Narazenes, the Jewish Gnostic sect to which Jesus belonged. Paul is said to have belonged to it for he states that he was “set apart” even before he was born (Gal 1:15), and that “he had a vow” involving the cutting of his hair (Act 18:18). He seemed to have given up his Nazirite vow, however, and had his hair shaven.




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