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The Lord of the Five Rays - by Geoffrey Hodson

This booklet was found hand bound and was originally written as a talk and has instructions to ‘talk about…here’ or ‘expound’ in some places but nothing was written down.

Due to this, references have been given, as to where you can read further information on the subject under discussion in square brackets where appropriate. Where Mr Hodson says he will talk about something but there is nothing written down, something has been added in square brackets so that the reader can continue reading.

The information in this booklet was largely taken from Basic Theosophy by Geoffrey Hodson and his Seven Human Temperaments, C.W. Leadbeater’s book The Masters and the Path which Mr Hodson recommended and also Van der Leeuw’s The Fire of Creation.

This booklet introduces a few new details about the Mahachohan - The Lord of the Five Rays.


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Lord of the Five Rays