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(Ādi) Sanskrit for the “first” or “primeval.” It is used in the Esoteric Philosophy in the term “Sons of Adi” or the “Sons of the Fire-mist.” Also used of certain ADEPTS. Helena P. BLAVATSKY draws attention to the similarity between the Sanskrit Adi and the Adam of the Mosaic Bible, “Ad-ad” in Aramaic which means “The only one” (SDII:42).

In an article titled “The Eastern Gupta Vidya and Kabbalah,” Blavatsky writes, “Adi is the generic name in our Doctrine (theosophy) of all the first men, i.e., the first speaking races, in each of the seven zones — hence probably ‘Ad-am’” (CW XIV:175). 

See also ADI PLANE.


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