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Astral Soul

A term used by Helena P. Blavatsky and The MAHATMA LETTERS to A. P. SINNETT to refer to the KAMA-RUPA, as distinguished from the LINGA-SARIRA which is the ETHERIC DOUBLE (the latter of which was called by Blavatsky as “astral body”). There is therefore a distinction between astral body and astral soul as used in the original literature. The astral soul or kama-rupa can be projected at will by a person, while the etheric double cannot be projected without danger.

Blavatsky wrote that there is a confusion of “the Sanskrit term ‘Linga-Sarira’ with the Mayavi or Kama-Rupa — the ‘astral soul.’” When a living person’s double is seen outside of the body, it is not the linga-sarira that is projected. “That which appears, or the ‘double,’ is called Mayavi-Rupa (illusionary form) when acting blindly; and — Kama-Rupa, ‘will’ or ‘desire-form’ when compelled into an objective shape by the conscious will and desire of its possessor” (CW IV:53). 




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