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A personal servant to Helena P. BLAVATSKY for the entire time she was in India. He was a Gujarati boy of fifteen when he first came to Blavatsky in Bombay. He knew a number of languages. He accompanied Blavatsky when she left India on February 20, 1884. Francesca ARUNDALE, writing of Blavatsky’s stay in her home in London comments, “There was also a very important member of the Indian contingent, namely, Babula, HPB’s servant; in his picturesque turban and white dress, he created quite a little sensation in the Crescent; and on the afternoons when tea was served . . . and Babula bore cups of tea and sweet cakes to the visitors, we were certainly a unique house in suburban London” (Arundale, My Guest — H. P. Blavatsky, p. 29-30).

Little is recorded about this important figure in Blavatsky’s life. Blavatsky would no doubt have made some provision for his return to India, but this is not mentioned in the contemporary records.




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