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Bibby, Joseph

(1851-1935?). Colleague and friend of Annie BESANT and generous philanthropist. Bibby was born January 12, 1851; married Ruth Pye March 1, 1881, and joined the TS March 14, 1889. He was founder of a successful manufacturing firm (J. Bibby and Sons, Ltd. of Liverpool, England). Bibby applied his theosophical ideals in his relationships with his employees, establishing a generous welfare scheme which was innovative at that time. He edited and subsidized Bibby’s Annual, each year from 1906 to 1922; there was a valedictory issue in 1936. Bibby’s Annual was a large format high quality publication that served to present theosophy to the public in the form of popular topical articles. Bibby served on the Executive Committee of the TS from 1920 to 1923.




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