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Bolivia, Theosophy in

Theosophy came to Bolivia on April 17, 1918, when a meeting convened by Victor Birbuet and Daniel Bilbao la Vieja at La Paz City attracted six members. This early attempt to establish theosophy was encouraged by the Chilean Theosophical Society. Later that year, the membership having risen to nine, the Peace Lodge was chartered with the support of the Argentinean Theosophical Section.

Theosophical work received encouragement in 1920 when the newly elected President of the Republic, Franz TAMAYO, joined the Peace Lodge.

Very few records have been preserved and therefore a detailed history of theosophical work in Bolivia cannot be established. In 1965 the then President N. Sri Ram visited the country and inaugurated the Bolivian Presidential Agency and Mario Cariaga Aramayo was appointed Presidential Agent. The Society has its own quarters located in La Paz. In 1995 the Society reported a total membership of about 100 in eight Lodges and owned property at La Paz and Cochabamba. The Presidential Agent in 1996 was Teresa Mayar de Nuñez.



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