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Brotherhood, Great White

A brotherhood of adepts or initiates. It must be emphasized that the use of the word “white” in this context is meant to imply “unsullied” and does not refer to skin color. The concept of perfected individuals is central to theosophy which maintains that all creation is progressing and evolving in consciousness. Through unremitting work on themselves and for others some have progressed at a faster rate than the majority; these are called by various names such as ADEPTS, INITIATES, MAHĀTMAS etc. Some of these more advanced men and women have dedicated themselves to the progress and welfare of humanity and in Hinduism and elsewhere there is a great deal of anecdotal evidence to support their existence.

Theosophical writers suggest that these Adepts, working in harmony, form a fraternity and that this fraternity is variously called The Great White Brotherhood or The Inner Government of the World. Included in their ranks and mentioned in theosophical literature are: The Lord BUDDHA, The Lord MAITREYA, Rishi AGASTYA, The MAHĀ-CHOHAN, The Lord Vaivasvata MANU, etc.

That the occurrence of and belief in the “Brotherhood” is not confined to India is indicated by an account of these in Africa (see ZULU, SPIRITUAL TEACHINGS) and the popular books on the subject by the British musical composer Cyril Scott (The Initiate, etc.).


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