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Brown, Eldridge Gerry

A spiritualist who was editor of the Spiritual Scientist in Boston. Brown was one of those considered by the Egyptian Adepts of the Brotherhood of LUXOR to become one of the three key people who will start the Theosophical Society (TS), together with Helena P. BLAVATSKY and Col. Henry Steel OLCOTT.

Brown first wrote to Blavatsky in 1874 in response to an article of the latter in The Daily Graphic. It was through the Spiritual Scientist that HPB made a public disclosure about the existence of the brotherhood of Adepts. HPB and Olcott made contributions to the magazine, both financially and by writing articles. Later, when HPB began to declare the truth about spirits, Brown turned against her. Brown later filed for bankruptcy. In her Scrapbook, HPB wrote: “The man might have become a Power, he preferred to remain an Ass.”




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