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As a theosophical term this expression is confined to those spiritual beings who are active in the formation of the solar system. According to Helena P. Blavatsky (SD I:572) the plan is created by superior beings, “Architects” who are called the Dhyani Buddhas (the Buddhas of Contemplation) of which there are seven classes and the Dhyani-Chohans (builders) that are also divided into seven classes. There is a correlation seen between the sevenfold division of the Architects and Builders and the seven globes that make up the esoteric concept of the Earth Chain. See CHAIN, PLANETARY.

Gottfried de Purucker (Fundamentals of the Esoteric Philosophy, 1947, p. 313), referring to the “Hierarchy of Builders” describes “Builders” as the inferior Hierarchy spiritually, having relative dominion over their sub-hierarchies from their beginning down to their lowest plane, which forms the mere elemental or nature forces on the lowest planes of their kosmic Hierarchy (see also HIERARCHY).


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