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A class of DHYANI-CHOHANS or celestial beings who are prototypes of the BUDDHAS, or Manushya Buddhas. Thus, Amitabha is spoken of as the Dhyani-Buddha of Gautama Sakyamuni. The synthesis of the Dhyani-Buddhas is Avalokitesvara, the creative Logos.

The Secret Doctrine speaks of seven Dhyani-Buddhas, five of whom have manifested through the human Buddhas; and the last two will come in the sixth and seventh Root Races. Their collective wisdom is called Dzyu, which deals with eternal truths and primal causes. The Dhyani-Buddhas are identical with the MANASAPUTRAS and the PRAJAPATIS of the Hindus, the Elohim of the Jews, and the Archangels of Christianity. From them are emanated the Dhyani-Bodhisattvas, who govern the globes of planetary CHAINS.

Adepts are said to have their own Dhyani-Buddhas, their elder “twin Soul,” “Father-Soul,” or “Father-Fire,” which they face during the last and supreme initiation.

See Hierarchy.


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