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The earthbound souls of dead people who had lived evil, depraved or extremely selfish lives. It includes those whose higher principles (ATMA-BUDDHI) have been separated from their personality principles (KAMA-MANAS). In the latter case, these separated lower principles may survive even for centuries and draw vitality from living people, as in legendary vampires. Elementaries tend to gravitate in the surroundings of people who have similar natures. The term should not be confused with elementals, which refer to semi-intelligent non-human entities in nature. Western kabbalists have used these two terms sometimes indiscriminately. In some writings, the term has been used to describe disembodied souls in general, but usually it refers to souls that have a malefic influence. There are elementaries which are highly developed souls. In such cases, they are the so-called Brothers of the Shadow while living in the physical body (IU I:319).



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