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Jeshu Ben Panthera

(Jehoshua Ben Pandira). A holy man mentioned in the Jewish Talmud (120?-71? BCE). Helena P. BLAVATSKY mentions this personage several times in her writings and suggests that Jeschu ben Panthera is Jesus of Nazareth (CW IV:361), offering in evidence a genealogy by Epiphanius (fourth century):



Blavatsky writes that Jeshu ben Panthera was born in the ancient town of Lüd (Lod or Lydda) in Israel (CW IX:226). However details about this personage are very sparse unless one accepts the contention that he is identical with Jesus of Nazareth, in which case, of course, the Gospel stories apply.

According to Blavatsky he was a disciple of Jehoshua Ben Peraƒiah, the fifth President of the Sanhedrin, the highest court of justice and supreme council at Jerusalem. Jehoshua Ben Perahiah had occasion to flee from Israel and may have taken Jesus with him, hence, possibly, arose the story of the flight into Egypt.


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