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Atoms animated by Jiva or life-energy (CW V:112). It is a general term given by Helena P. Blavatsky to atoms which are impregnated with life-energy while being used by an entity such as a human being. Upon the death of the individual, the various life-atoms will disperse and be used by other organisms such as animals or human beings. This is the meaning of Metempsychosis or transmigration, which is not the same as reincarnation, or the embodiment in the flesh of an individual. These life-atoms will tend to be drawn towards the same individual in a later incarnation. Thus these life-atoms are carriers of the skandhas or seeds of karma that will influence the development of the tendencies of an individual in each succeeding incarnation. In the writings of Gottfried de Purucker, he equates these with the “tanhic elementals” produced by each individual and are drawn to the bodies of the succeeding incarnation of such individuals. See Tanhic Elementals.

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