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One of the 18 main Purānas of the Hindu religion used by the Śaivas or worshippers of Śiva. Linga means a “mark” or “indication” and in this context probably symbolizes Śiva. Purānas means “old,” indicating that they are about the legends of ancient times. The Linga Purāna consists of 10,000 verses about a wide variety of subjects that include creation, the ages of mankind, the yogas, etc. It is one of the Purānas that speak of the Kumāras, who are equivalent to the archangels or angels involved in the creation and evolution of humanity (SD I:458). In its account of the different ages or kalpas, it describes humanity with different complexions (white, red, yellow and black), which, according to Helena P. Blavatsky, when interpreted esoterically and correctly, corresponds to the ROOT RACES of humanity (SD II:249)

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