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Lodge, Oliver Joseph

(1851-1940). English physicist who was eminent in the field of psychical research. He was born at Penkhull, Staffordshire, England, June 12, 1851. He graduated from University College, London, in 1872 and obtained his doctorate in 1877. In 1879 he was appointed assistant professor of applied mathematics at the above university and two years later secured the chair of physics at University College, Liverpool. He was knighted in 1902. From about 1910 Lodge became increasingly interested in psychical research, particularly in efforts to communicate with the dead. Helena P. Blavatsky was particularly pleased to discover that Lodge supported the theosophical view of the nature of electricity, maintaining that it has substance and is not pure energy (CW XII:265).

Publications include: The Survival of Man (1909); Raymond, or Life and Death (1916).


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