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Lotus Circle, The

An organization formed on November 30, 1892, in the Aryan Lodge, New York, to instruct and entertain very young members of theosophical families. Stories and songs were written and the concept was so successful that it soon spread to other countries.

In 1894, a Circle was formed at Avenue Road, London and placed in the charge of Miss A. J. Wilson and Kate Whyte. In 1895, Charles Leadbeater came to live at Avenue Road and he actively promoted its work, not only in London, but in other cities and countries. When Leadbeater left England, he placed George Herbert Whyte in charge of the Lotus Circle. Under his leadership, the movement continued to flourish and a monthly journal, The Lotus Journal, was published, beginning as a printed issue in 1902; it continued to be issued for eleven years.

The function of the Lotus Circle has been largely taken over by the Order of the Round Table.

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