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Lunar Pitṛis

(Lunar Pits) Literally, the lunar “fathers.” According to The Secret Doctrine, these are advanced beings from the Moon Chain (see CHAIN, Planetary) who gave the form of the physical body of human beings. They are called in The Secret Doctrine by many other names: BARHISHADS, Lords of the Moon, Sons of Soma, Sons of the Moon, Celestial Ancestors, Pitis, Lunar Sons, Lunar Gods, Lunar Progenitors, Sons of Twilight, Pitaras, Moon-Gods, Lunar Monads, Lunar Fathers, Lunar Ancestors, Will-born Lords, and Sons of the Lord of the Lotus.

The Lunar Pitis had completed the human stage of evolution during the Moon Chain. They projected their li¥ga-®arŸras (etheric doubles) or chšyas (“shadows”) on seven zones of the Earth. This was how the astral form of humanity was formed prior to the solid physical body. After the form was given, the human being was still a mindless creature. The thinking principle was a faculty that they could not awaken. It was later provided by the Solar Pitis, also called LORD OF THE FLAMES or AGNISHVATTAS.


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