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Produced by the power of the mind rather than born in a physical manner. It is a term used in The Secret Doctrine to refer to several types of beings: (1) In Hindu theogony, it refers to the various celestial beings who emanated from the Third Logos or manifested deity, such as the sons of Brahmš, the Kumšras, the seven Rishis, the fourteen Manus, the Builders, the Prajšpatis and their sons, the Suras and Asuras, etc. Helena P. Blavatsky wrote that the Dhyšni-Buddha creates a “mind-born son” in the form of a Bodhisattva to continue the work of a human Buddha after the latter’s physical death (CW XIV:391). (2) The term also refers to the first races of humanity who were created by thought rather than physically formed. They were “boneless” (SD I:606; SD II:156). (3) A special group of human beings during the Third Root Race produced by kriyāśakti (SD I:211). They are mentioned in The Secret Doctrine by many names: Sons of the Fire Mist, Sons of Will and Yoga, the terrestrial Sons of Wisdom. They reside in Shamballa and are the source of the “saviors” of humanity.


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