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(Sk. pits; cf. Latin paters). Progenitors or “fathers” of humanity. They are mentioned in Hindu scriptures and in Helena P. Blavatsky’s The Secret Doctrine. Pitis are said to be superior beings who contributed to human evolution and The Secret Doctrine refers to two main types of Pitis, the Lunar and the Solar.

Lunar Pitis are beings who have completed their human evolution during the Lunar CHAIN and which provided the forms for the human race of the Earth Chain. The Secret Doctrine states:

The Pitris shoot out from their ethereal bodies, still more ethereal and shadowy similitudes of themselves, or what we should now call “doubles” or “astral forms,” in their own likeness. This furnishes the Monad with its first dwelling, and blind matter with a model around and upon which to build henceforth (I, p. 248).

The Lunar Pitis are called by many other names in The Secret Doctrine, such as Barhishads, Lunar Sons, Lunar Gods, Sons of Soma, Pitaras, Lunar Fathers, etc.

The Solar Pitis, often called “Lords of the Flame,” are said to be superior to the Lunar Pitis. They provided the intelligence and consciousness to the Human race during the middle of the Third Root Race. Previous to this, the human race was described as “empty senseless Bh™ta” or phantom, due to the non-functioning of the mental principle. Because of this role, the Solar Pitis are also referred to as MĀNASAPUTRAS (Sons of Mind), Lords of Wisdom, Sons of Wisdom, or Mind-born Sons. Another name used is AGNISHVĀTTA (having tasted fire “of mind”).

This teaching about the Solar Pitis has been compared by H. P. Blavatsky to the Greek myth of Prometheus who brought fire to humanity, for which he was punished by Zeus.


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