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(205-270). An important Neoplatonic philosopher, probably of Roman descent, who went to Alexandria about 232 to study philosophy. For ten years, he became a disciple of Ammonius Saccas (late 1st - early 2nd cent.) who claimed to be “god taught” (theodidaktos). Plotinus then traveled to Persia and India to learn of their philosophies first-hand, returning to Rome in 244 where he started a school which attracted wide attention. One of his pupils was Porphyry (c. 232-c. 304) who wrote a biography of him as well as arranging his Plotinus’ works in six groups of nine treatises called Enneads. Although Plotinus opposed Christianity, his ideas had a considerable influence on early Christian thinkers. For further information, see the article on NEOPLATONISM.

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