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Scott, Cyril Meir

Composer, concert pianist, poet, and author of a number of books on music, the Masters of the wisdom, and other subjects. He was born in Oxton, Birkenhead, England on September 27, 1879. He joined The Theosophical Society (TS) on November 27, 1914, after hearing Annie Besant speak in London. He says in his autobiography, Bone of Contention, “I at once realized that [Besant] was a very great orator, the more so, seeing her oratory was devoid of all bombast and emotionalism. But what struck me in addition was the unassailable logic of all her utterances. It [theosophy] was not incompatible with Yoga Philosophy and perhaps might even be its complement. And this surmise, I was later on to discover, was true.”

Scott published translations of Baudelaire and two volumes of poems in 1910 and 1912. Later he concentrated mainly on musical composition and was one of the few English composers to become well-known on the continent of Europe. In theosophical circles he became prominent due to his popular books about his claimed association with a Master of the Wisdom. He wrote a series of three books on The Initiate under a pen name on his encounter with a Mahatma in London. Scott also pioneered the alternative lifestyle movement with his espousal of a healthy vegetarian diet.

Publications include:

The Influence of Music on History and Morals; The Philosophy of Modernism in Its Connection With Music; The Initiate — Some Impressions of a Great Soul; The Initiate in the Dark Cycle; Music: Its Secret Influence Throughout the Ages; The Adept of Galilee; An Outline of Modern Occultism; Doctors, Disease and Health; Victory over Cancer; Health, Diet and Commonsense; Simpler and Safer Remedies; and Bone of Contention (autobiography).


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