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Theosophical Encyclopedia

Solar Pitris

(Solar Pits). Literally, solar “fathers.” According to the Secret Doctrine, they are advanced beings who provided humanity with intellect during the third Root Race (see ROOT RACES). They have been called by many other names: AGNISHVĀTTAS, MĀNASAPUTRAS, Lords of the Flame, Lords of Wisdom, Sons of Fire, Sons of Wisdom, Solar Angels, KUMšRAS, Holy Sons, Sons of Mind, Mānasas, Mānasa Dhyānis, Mānasa Pitis, Fire Dhyānis, Mind-born Sons, Solar Lhas, Rājasas, etc.

In theosophical anthropogenesis, a human being is composed of seven principles and vehicles. Each of these are provided by different beings who are said to be part of the “creative hierarchies.” The physical material is supplied by the Earth, while the form of the physical body is projected by the LUNAR PIT¬IS or BARHISHADS, who were the products of the Lunar CHAIN. The mind principle of humanity was awakened by even more advanced beings called the Solar Pitis. They were products of an earlier chain of evolution.

The Solar Pitis are the equivalent of Prometheus of Greek mythology as well as the Serpent in the Genesis story. Prometheus brought fire to humanity, for which he was punished by being chained to a rock. Each evening his intestines are eaten by a vulture, only to heal the next day. Fire represents the mind or intelligence. In the Genesis story, the Serpent urged Adam and Eve to eat of the fruit of the Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil. When they did they became “like the Gods” (Gen 3:5, 22).

The Secret Doctrine outlined in the second volume the sequence of events involving the intervention of the Solar Pitis. When humanity was in its first and second Root Races, the Lunar Pitis (M€nasas) did not enter into it because they felt humanity was not yet ready.



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