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 The method of procreation of the Second ROOT RACE humanity, as well as the early Third Race (Lemurian). It is described by Helena P. BLAVATSKY in The Secret Doctrine as the “exudation of moisture or vital fluid, the drops of which coalescing formed an oviform ball — or shall we say egg? — which served as an extraneous vehicle for the generation therein of a fœtus and child” (SD II:132).

She also wrote, “In the Mahābhārata Parva XII, Adhāya 10, śloka 308 a people named Raumyas are said to have been created from the pores of Virabhadara, the terrible giant, who destroyed Daksha’s sacrifice. Other tribes and people are also represented as born in this way. All these are references to the later Second and the earlier Third Root Races” (SD II:68). See Root Races.


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