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Voice of the Silence, The

(PUB.). A small book by Helena P. Blavatsky first published in 1889 which has become a theosophical classic. The title page of the first edition states that it is chosen fragments from the “Book of the Golden Precepts” for the daily use of Lanoos (disciples); translated and annotated by “H. P. B.” The first edition was published by “The Theosophical Publishing Company, Limited, 7, Duke Street [London] W.C.” This book has always been in print and the current edition carries certain additions: an introduction, Notes and Index.

The main portion of the book is comprised of three parts:

I. The Voice of the Silence.
II. The Two Paths.
III. The Seven Portals.

This book, together with Krishnamurti‘s At the Feet of the Master and Mabel Collin‘s Light on the Path, comprise what might be called “the Self-Culture program for theosophists.”

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