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Warrington, Albert Powell

(1866-1939). President of the American Section of the Theosophical Society, Adyar 1912-1920; Vice-President of the TS, Adyar 1928-33; Acting President 1933-34. A. P. Warrington was born August 27, 1866, in Maryland, USA. He joined the TS in July 1896, at that time the only TS member in Maryland. He was the personal representative in America for Annie BESANT from 1907 to 1928 and at her request bought property in Hollywood, California, to start a School of Theosophy and house the office of the Esoteric Section. The property was eventually sold and the School and E.S. office were moved to Ojai, California, where they are still located. In 1920, he resigned the office of President of the American Section and, at the suggestion of Bahmanji P. WADIA, went to India, sometimes traveling with Besant on her lecture tours. She appointed him Vice-President in 1928 and, upon her death in 1933, he became Acting President until the election of George ARUNDALE in 1934. He died in July 1939. See also AMERICA, THEOSOPHY IN.



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