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The Inner Side of Church Worship

The Inner Side of Church Worship bu G Hodson

One of the great questions of the day concerns the nature, validity, and usefulness of the Church as an institution. The whole position of the Church is being challenged by various advanced teachers and thinkers, and particularly by the members of the rising generation. The author, having observed this fact, sought by means of meditation to gain a deeper understanding of the significance and purpose of the Church.

While pondering this question, he fell into a brown study in which he became aware of the presence and attention of an angel who appeared to be well aware of the nature of his broodings and to be willing to assist in the solution of the problem which occupied his thought. A close mental union occurred, in which the angel seemed perfectly to understand the author's needs and to invite him to share the angelic outlook and wider knowledge concerning the subject of his meditations. This knowledge seemed to flow into the author's mind and brain in terms of ideas and even of language. In the following chapte1' he attempts to record, and to share with others, the results of this angelic ministration.

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