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Letters to Aspirants - Clara Codd



Nothing in all the world matters so much as the growth in each one of us of a spiritual outlook upon life. Dr. Annie Besant has defined spirituality as “the intuitive perception of Unity”. It is the perception of the trust in the utter surrender to Life which is the Shadow of God on earth, and the glad acceptance of all the changing, never ceasing events of that Life which are God in action. For, always and ever, Life means only our eternal good. Underneath are the Everlasting Arms. And spirituality is born of little things done “in His Name and for the love of man”.

These little chapters have been extracted and put together from letters written to a large group of correspondents all over the world. They were letters, written at regular intervals to some of our members who desire to lead what is called the spiritual life, and, in any case, a life of dedication to our Masters and Their great work. It was believed that what has been written to a few might prove helpful also to others who may care to read them. Hence this book.

Clara M.Codd

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