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Exploring Jnana Yoga in todays World - Richard Sell

Richard Sell

With a world falling ever more under the sway of illusion we need help coping with our perception and reaction to this crisis. Jnana Yoga has much to offer, not only in our personal spiritual journey but in practical matters pertaining to living in the 21st century, a time of acute stress and change.

There are said to be many paths for those seeking enlightenment, and amongst the Hindu traditions one such way is that of knowledge and wisdom. This is way is known as Jnana Yoga, meaning ‘to know’ and is said to be a harder road to travel as one unveils what the divine true Self truly is.

We will enquire into what the mind really is and how it plays its part in forming a new or different worldview. By studying the principles and practices of Jnana Yoga they may be of great assistance as we negotiate our way through this complex and illusionary world. Some examples of people using Jnana Yoga in daily living will help move our understanding from theory to reality.