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In the Secret Doctrine, the Stanzas of DZYAN names many kinds of “Sons” that refer to different celestial beings:

Mind-born Sons. The celestial beings and human beings who were created and not born through physical means, such as the Sons of Brahmā, Prajāpatis, etc. The boneless First Root Race of humanity was also mind-born, that is, produced by the power of kriyāśakti.

Lunar Sons. The beings in the Moon who were going through their own evolutionary development who later assisted the Earth in human evolution.

Sons of Ad. Another name for the SONS OF THE FIRE MIST who were produced by kriyāśakti.

Sons of Ādi. Same as SONS OF THE FIRE MIST.

Sons of Cycles. The Cyclopes of the 4th Root Race Atlanteans. (SD I:208)

Son of the Divine Sons. Fohat (SD I:109)

Son of the immaculate Celestial Virgin. The undifferentiated or primordial Matter. (SD I:60)

Sons of the Moon. Lunar Sons.

Son of the Morning. Lucifer.

Sons of the Flame of Wisdom. The Solar Pitris, Agnishvāttas, or those who awakened the mind principle in humanity, as personified by Prometheus in Greek mythology (SD II:411).

Sons of Darkness. Those of the Third Root Race who failed to conquer their lower natures. Those who succeeded were called the Sons of Light (SD II:272). It is also a term equivalent to the Zoroastrian Asuras, equivalent to the Hebrew Elohim, as contrasted to light immutable and eternal (SD II:488). Among Gnostics, Jehovah was Ilda-Baoth, the “son of Darkness” (SD I:197).

Son of Dark Space. The Third Logos, also called Bright Space. Dark Space refers to the unmanifested state (SD I:71).

Sons of Dark Wisdom. The human forefathers identified with the “fallen” archangels (SD II:248, 495).

Son of the Father. The Creative God, or the Third Logos (SD I:381).

Sons of Fohat. The various forces having cosmic electric life in their essence or being. An example of its manifestation is the rubbing of amber (static electricity), or rubbing a nettle herb with the fingers produces a blister (Trans. of Blavatsky Lodge).

Sons of God. Human beings of the Fourth and Fifth Root Races who fought with the Sons of the Shadow (SD II:500). They taught early humanity the first notions of the arts and sciences, and spiritual knowledge, as well as laid the first foundation-stone of the ancient civilizations (SD I:208). They live in the Sacred Island, and took advantage of the deluge to rid of Atlantis of sorcerers (SD II:772). On a celestial level, they refer to the celestial beings, such as angels and archangels, including the fallen angels (SD II:265).

Sons of Kriyāśakti. The mind-born sons. See MIND-BORN.

Sons of Life and Light. The Seven Logoi (SD I:138), the Elohim or Builders (SD I:239).

Sons of Light. Those in the Third Root Race who were able to obtain mastery over their body. Those who did not were called Sons of Darkness (SD II:272). On a cosmic level, it is also a term that denotes seven “Formless Intelligences inhabiting unseen their starry and planetary homes.” They evolve from primordial matter “by aggregation and accumulation of the primary differentiations of the eternal matter” (SD I:103).

Sons of Mahat. The ones who vivified the human animal, hence equivalent to the Solar Pitis. Also called the “Lords of Spiritual Life eternal” (SD I:103).

Sons of Manas. The Mšnasaputras or Solar Pitis.

Sons of Manvantaric Dawn. Monads at the dawn of a manvantara who are still on their way to become human beings (CW X:347).

Sons of Manvantaric Eternity. The Solar Pitis, also called “Dragons” (SD II:485).

Sons of Mind. The Solar Pitis.

Son of Necessity. The Universe.

Sons of Night. Another name for the Solar Pitis or Sons of Wisdom because they were said to have been “issued from the body of Brahm€ when it became Night” (SD II:161). It is also a name given to a class of Lemurians of the Third Root Race who fought the Sons of the Sun.

Sons of Passive Yoga. The Third Root Race of humanity because it was produced unconsciously by the second Root Race (SD II:165).

Sons of the Dragon or Serpent. Adepts or Initiates.

Sons of the Self-Born. The shadows or Chhāyas who were produced by Lunar Pitris who were born through the Will of a Deity or Adept (SD II:120).

Sons of the Shadow. Human beings of the Fourth and Fifth Root Races who fought with the “Sons of God” (SD II:500).

Sons of Soma. In the Secret Doctrine, they are the Lunar Sons who became the Lunar Pitis. In the Pur€Šas, the Son of Soma is Budha or Mercury (SD II:45).

Son of the Sons. Fohat (SD I:136).

Sons of the Sons of Twilight. The Third Root Race of humanity, the Sons of Twilight being the Lunar Pitis (SD II:109).

Sons of the Sun. A class of Lemurians and Atlanteans who battled the other class, Sons of Night or Darkness. Also called Sons of Light (SD II:772). The term is applied to the Agnishvātta ancestor, specifically, the Vaivasvata Manu as the personified representative of thinking humanity of the Fifth Root Race (Trans. of Blavatsky Lodge).

Son of the Terrestrial Eve. The Earth, one of the manifestations of the Son of the immaculate Celestial Virgin (SD I:70).

Sons of Twilight. The Lunar Pitis. The “Body of Twilight” is the Moon Chain. The Body of Day is the present Earth with our human evolution (G. Barborka, Peopling of the Earth).

Sons of Yoga. The first Root Race of humanity (SD II:109).

Sons of Will and Yoga. Produced by the Third Root Race who became the spiritual ancestors of all the subsequent Arhats and Mahātmas in an immaculate way. They were not begotten as were the other people of the Fourth Race. “They were the ‘holy seed-grain’ of the future Saviours of Humanity” (SD II:173). They were also the progenitors of the Fifth Root Race. They remained entirely apart from the rest of humanity (SD I:207). See SONS OF THE FIRE MIST.

Sons of Wisdom. The Mānasaputras or Solar Pitis (SD II:608). When called terrestrial Sons of Wisdom, they are mind-born Sons of the Fire Mist or Sons of Will and Yoga (SD I:211).


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