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One having authority or high rank. The term “Lord” is used very frequently in theosophical literature to refer to celestial beings. The following are those mentioned in The Secret Doctrine (apart from those with separate entries):

Lords of Being. Those which emanated from the Primordial Light. “The first and the highest of which are, collectively, Jivštma, or Pratyagātma (said figuratively to issue from Paramātma. It is the Logos of the Greek philosophers — appearing at the beginning of every new Manvantara)” (SD II:33). They are also the PRAJĀPATIS, collectively (SD II:60).

Lords of the Dark Eye. Same as LORDS OF THE DARK FACE.

Lords of the Dark Wisdom. The Archangels who are referred as the “Fallen Angels,” who are “as divine and as pure and more so than all the Michaels and Gabriels so glorified in the churches” (SD II:248).

Lord of the Dazzling Face. Initiates during the Atlantean civilizations who use white magic to oppose the Lords of the Dark Face.

Lords of the Fires. Gnomes and fire elementals, who helped in overpowering the Lords of the Dark Face (SD II:427).

Lords of Light. This refers to the “Fathers” or various kinds of Pitis who helped form the different vehicles and principles of the human being, except for the mind which they could not give (SD I:194; SD II:105).

Lord of the Lords. A Being who came to the Earth while it was still bare. From the body of the Earth “he separated the waters, and that was Heaven above, the first Heaven” (SD II:75). The “first Heaven” refers to the atmosphere and the firmament. This teaching is related to the Genesis story of the Elohim separating dry land from the waters, as well as similar accounts in the Hindu Pur€Šas.

Lord of the Lotus. The Moon, or Kumuda-Pati, whose Sons, the LUNAR PITRIS provided the form of the bodies of human beings (SD II:44).

Lords of the Moon. The Lunar Pitis.

Lord of Phosporus. Lucifer, who provided the mind of humanity (SD II:513).

Lord of the Prajāpati. In Hindu mythology, this is DAKSA, the chief of the Praj€patis, or progenitors of the human race (SD II:163).

Lord of the Shining Face. The SUN, to whom the Earth requested help to people itself (SD II:27).

Lords of Spiritual Life. Those who quickened the mind principle of human beings, the “Sons of Mahat” or SOLAR PITRIS.

Lord of Sukra. The Lord of VENUS, the twin sister of the Spirit of the Earth. The latter is subservient to the Lord of Sukra.

Lords of the Three Upper Worlds. These are the various classes of celestial beings (Rudras, Tushitas, Jayas, Adityas) who incarnated into the early third root race of humanity (SD II:182).

Lord of Wisdom. Mercury, or Budha. In The Secret Doctrine it refers to the planet Mercury, to whom the Sun has sent his “seven sons” (SD II:27).

Lords of Wisdom. The MĀNASAPUTRAS or Solar Pitis who at first refused to “create” by the power of kriy€akti or help in awakening the mind principle of humanity. Lords of Zodiac and the Spheres. The planetary Spirits who created Monads out of their own substance (SD I:577).

Mind-Born or Will-Born Lords. The Lunar Pitis (SD II:86).


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