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Cosmic Ideation

The cosmic mind at the dawn of manifestation of the universe. Cosmic ideation is absent during the pralaya or the dormant state of the cosmos. It is thus equated with MAHA-BUDDHI and MAHAT of the Visnu Puranas. It is also the Third or Manifested LOGOS (SD I:16).

When cosmic ideation is expressed through vehicles or upadhis (bases), the various forms of consciousness emerge. Thus, in BUDDHI, it is experienced as intuition. In Manas, it is Mind-Consciousness (SD I:329).

Cosmic ideation is distinguished from the UNIVERSAL MIND because the latter is described as an aspect of the Absolute, and hence is present even during Pralaya or period of non-manifestation. Cosmic ideation is a manifested reflection of Universal Mind (CW X:319).


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