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Guide to Using

How to find the resource you are after on Theosophy World

This guide outlines the various ways you can find the information you are looking for on Theosophy World.




The SEARCH option on the right side of the main menu is the easiest and quickest way to find a resource on Theosophy World. This option is particularly useful if you have an idea about what it is you are after.

1. Click on the Search option and enter the search page.

Search Theosophy World


2. Enter your Search term.

In the box under Fulltext Search, you can enter a word or phrase to search for.

The search engine will give you some possible choices, or you can click on APPLY, and it will find all the options on the website containing the word or phrase you have chosen.

Enter Search term


3. Filter your Search

You will then be presented with a list of results as shown in the picture below.  Ten results are listed on the page with multiple pages being available for most searches.  In the case below the search was for “Light on the Path” and brackets were included to tell the search engine I only wanted result that contained the complete phrase

Filter Searches

You can see at the top of the picture that there is 35 results with 10 being displayed on the page.

4. Narrowing down your search

On the right of the above picture, you can see the Categories under which the search result has been found which allows you to narrow down what you are looking for. There are results under the above search:

  • Articles
  • E-Books
  • Study Guides
  • Audio recordings
  • Encyclopaedia. (The Theosophical Encyclopaedia)

By placing a tick in one or more boxes to the left of these options you will be able to narrow down your research to the category you are looking for. Once you have ticked on your option then the search page will automatically filter your updated choices. as you can see below:

Refine Search

Selected have been Ebooks, M Collins and Study Courses which reduced the results to 4 items

5. Selecting your choice

Once you have narrowed your selection then on the left side of the screen click on the heading of your choice and the specific content you have selected will be displayed.



Using the Menus System

1. Content Menu

To access the Menu click on the Resources link on the top-right of the website and a list of the main categories will be displayed.

Theosophy World Menu


Click on the section you wish to view and you will find yourself at the selected choice. For example, if you choose eBooks you will be taken to the following page.


Theosophy World Ebooks

You can see above E-BOOK CATEGORIES on the right which shows you a list of all the different e-book categories listed by Author. Click on any Author and you will be presented with the e-book that Theosophy World currently has available by that Author.

Navigating - Breadcrumbs

Theosophy World uses breadcrumbs to help you navigate around the website more easily. In the image below I have selected Clara Codd ebooks to view.

E-books Clara Code

You can see the heading of the page has changed to Clara Codd and underneath that, you see the breadcrumbs of where you are. In this case, it is ResourcesEBooks - Clara Codd.

If you wish to go backward you can click on the EBooks or Resources which will take you to those particular pages.

3. Categories Options

You will find Categories under some of the Menu items, namely Articles, Audio, eBooks, Photos, and Videos where there is a lot of content.

For the pages without categories you will see the links the content appear with an image and brief explanation of the content in question, such as you see below for the Brochures page. Click on the image or heading of the option you would like to view.

Theosophy World Categories

Home Page

1. Resources

From the main website front page, as you scroll down the page you can see various options or shortcuts to the various resources we have available. The first one you see is the Resources links which are similar to the picture below (These change from time to time).

Theosophy World resouces

By clicking on any of the pictures or titles you will be taken to that particular resource category and in many cases a submenu to allow you to go to a deeper level as you can see below, in the Audio section.

Theosophy World Audio Section

You are also able to simply scroll down in this section and see all the Audiobook or archives we have available or choose a sub-category. Note that some of the selections, such a Geoffrey Hodson contain many recording under one heading, so do some exploration.

2. Other Content

As you scroll down the Home Page you will see links to other sections of the website and included highlights to specific content from time to time. You can also see a slider which lists the last 50 items of content that have been added to Theosophy World.