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(also called Silent Watcher). An overseer of a hierarchy. Gottfried de PURUCKER states that such a being is a highly advanced spiritual entity who is, as it were, the summit or Supreme Chief of a spiritual-psychological hierarchy composed of beings beneath him and working under the Silent Watcher’s direct inspiration and guidance. The Silent Watchers, therefore, are relatively numerous, because every hierarchy, large or small, high or low, has its own particular Hierarch or Supreme Head a “Silent Watcher.” There are human “Silent Watchers” and there is a “Silent Watcher” for every globe of our Planetary Chain. There is likewise a Silent Watcher of the Solar System of vastly loftier state or stage etc. (Occult Glossary, p. 156)

In theosophical literature, three kinds of Watchers are mentioned: (1) The Watcher of each human being. This refers to the Monad or the divine prototype that guides the evolution of the individual. Its reincarnated lives and vehicles are the “shadows.” Helena P. BLAVATSKY wrote that such a Monad “is an individual Dhyan Chohan, distinct from others, a kind of spiritual individuality of its own, during one special Manvantara” (SD I:265). In the Voice of the Silence, she refers to this as “thy life-guide and thy true Self, the Watcher and the silent Thinker, the victim of thy lower Self.” (2) The Watcher of each root-race who comes “first in his own ‘form,’ then each time as an Avatāra” (CWVII:275). Such a being is also called the “Initiator” or the “Great Sacrifice” because he awaits spiritual pilgrims who are on their way back to the Unity. He is also called the Mahā-guru or Great Teacher, for he silently guides the Teachers of mankind. (3) the Watcher of each race or nation. Blavatsky wrote:

Each people and nation, as said already, has its direct Watcher, Guardian and Father in Heaven — a Planetary Spirit. (SD I:576)




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