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From the Sanskrit nidrā meaning “sleep” and yoga “union.” It is the name of a procedure often associated with HAṬHA YOGA, and is designed to produce relaxation of body and mind.

A Sanskrit word, derived from the root yuj (“join,” “unite,” “fix the mind on.” etc.), meaning, among other things, “union” and, by extension, the discipline leading to union with one’s higher Self or the Divine.

yoga by Annie Besant

This anthology is a thorough introduction to classic literature for those who have not yet experienced these literary masterworks. For those who have known and loved these works in the past, this is an invitation to reunite with old friends in a fresh new format.

Sridevi Mehta audio recording of talk in Yoga Through Beauty

Shridevi was married to Rohit Mehta. The Mehtas were effective partners in their theosophical work. She sang bhajans and hymns at his lectures, and his words illustrated the meaning of the music. Professor P. G. Mavalankar recalled that Mehta would advise the audience before his talks, “You cannot leave while Shridevi is singing the bhajan.

Rohit Mehta talks in New Zealand

Rohit Mehta was born on August 3, 1908, at Surat in the family of Hasmanram, a professor of physics at the Elphinstone College, Bombay. He was educated in Bombay, Surat, and Ahmedabad, India. After several years of political activity with Mahatma Gandhi, Mr Mehta became a leader in the Theosophical Society in Adyar. He was a major lecturer and contributed greatly to Theosophical literature.

A simplified course of Raja Yoga by Wallace Slater

This simplified course of Raja Yoga is based on the author's experience in its practice under personal tuition and with the benefit of a wide study of yogic literature.  The books on the subject go into great detail about the philosophy of yoga.  Many are just commentaries on the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, but they do not give detailed instructions in lesson form.  There…

Richard Sell

With a world falling ever more under the sway of illusion we need help coping with our perception and reaction to this crisis. Jnana Yoga has much to offer, not only in our personal spiritual journey but in practical matters pertaining to living in the 21st century, a time of acute stress and change.

H.P.B. On Meditation & Yoga

Many books have been written on the subject of meditation and yoga but very few in the light of Theosophy and fewer still against the specific teachings of H.P.B. and her Masters.The main sources of our information are the third volume of The Secret Doctrine (1897 Edition) (S.D.), Volume XII of the Collected Writings (de Zirkoff) (CW), certain passages elsewhere in the Collected Writings, the…

Pigrim, What Calls You? by Ravi Rvindra

In a generous comment on my book The Yoga of the Christ, the justly highly regarded comparative religionist, Huston Smith, hailed it as a landmark in interfaith dialogue. However, I have become increasingly uneasy about this comment because I do not believe that I was engaging in interfaith dialogue in that book or in any of my other writings or talks. I have wished to engage in what may be…

Preparation For Yoga -by I. K. Taimni

The discussion about the nature of Samadhi in the first chapter of the Yoga-Sutras of Patanjali and the subtle mental processes which are involved in it might well give the impression that the technique of Yoga is not meant for the ordinary man and he can at best make only a theoretical study of the subject and must postpone its practical application to his own life for some future incarnation…

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