Theosophical Retreat Centers

Theosophical Centres

Retreat Centres around the World

There are various theosophical centers around the world that run courses, meditation sessions, retreats, etc. Here is a list of some of them:


Bhowali Himalayan Centre

Maintaining the spiritual atmosphere of the old Ashram in Bhowali, the Centre has been built with modern facilities suitable for study, meditation, and retreat. The Centre provides a panoramic view of the mountain ranges and valley and is conducive to quiet meditation and contemplation. The ‘Dr. Radha Burnier Hall’ can seat up to 100 people.


* Hot water                               
* North Indian vegetarian food.
* Accommodates up to 30 people 
* Rooms with attached bathroom

Getting There

Bhowali is about 300 kms from the New Delhi Airport. Cars will be arranged to pick up participants from the Airport and drop them back.  Other Himalayan centres like Nanital, Ranikhet, and Almora are in the vicinity of Bhowali so also are the seven lakes known as Sath Tal.


Bhowali Centre in Himalayas


Bhowali , UL


Held every year on the Adyar Estate in Chennia, India, The School of the Wisdom aims at bringing each student to survey life ‘from the centre’, which is intuitive awareness. An intense sense of Life must always accompany every true student. There can be no Wisdom without an ever increasing sense of Wonder.

Essential in the progress towards Wisdom is a growing intimacy with all aspects of Nature. The message which each tree, flower, animal, meadow, sea, sky, and cloud has, must be listened to and understood.


Contact Details

email: study.hq@ts-adyar.org

The Theosophical Society

Secretary's Office

The School of the Wisdom

Adyar, Chennai 600 020, India

Tel: ( +91 44 ) 2491 2474 and 2491 7198



The Theosophical Center in San Rafael–Mendoza, devoted to studies, courses, and conferences, was established in 1980. Originally the land was bought as a camp site for young Theosophists, but when the first groups of trees were planted, donations started to arrive, and the possibility of having a Center emerged. After the purchase of 3.5 hectares in 1980, 7 hectares more were added. At first, it had only three trees and an old vineyard, which was completely dry; now it has about two thousand trees of different varieties.

Year of Formation: 


Centro Teosófico
San Francisco 1285

San Rafael - Mendoza

Phone: 0260-154715546


New South Wales

The Manor, Sydney

The Center of the Esoteric School of Theosophy in Australia, the Manor is a large private house situated in Mosman, Sydney, Australia. It overlooks picturesque Sydney Harbor and is surrounded on two sides by a national park. The building is spacious with side verandas and large rooms.

The Manor has been used over the years as a residence and also as a center for spiritual retreat and the teaching of Theosophy. The number of permanent residents and the extent of the activities held at the Manor have varied over the years. Seminars, study groups, and retreats are conducted there, as well as other activities, such as meetings of the Order of the Round Table. On the ground floor of the Manor, a small chapel is the site of Liberal Catholic Church services. Visitors often remark the Manor’s peaceful atmosphere, built up increasingly over the years.

For further information contact: Dianne Kynaston




Owned by The Theosophical Society in Australia (HQ located in Sydney), the Springbrook Theosophical Retreat Centre in the mountains behind the Gold Coast offers a variety of theosophical programmes throughout the year, and is rented by various compatible organisations for their own events.

There is a resident caretaker to look after the center, coordinate bookings, and supervise its use by other groups. The centre is available for hire by TS branches, Lodges or members and also by other groups that have compatible objectives and practices.

It is a perfect setting for educational programmes and spiritual retreats. You can sit beside a stream of running water or wander along a forest walk listening to the birds. Gazing at the vista from the crest of the waterfall, there is an all pervading sense of Oneness with all life.

Four modern brick accommodation blocks each contain six single rooms. The rooms are equipped with wash basins, and the comfortable beds have doonas and electric blankets. Each block has its own showers and toilets. Up to 29 people can be accommodated. A dining hall with fully equipped commercial standard kitchen and a large meeting hall with sound system complete the complex.

Only vegetarian food is permitted. No consumption of alcohol or use of drugs is allowed. The Centre and its grounds are a no-smoking area.

Theosophical Education and Retreat Centre, Springbrook 2184 Springbrook Road, Springbrook, Queensland 4213 Australia +61 7 5533 5211

Western Australia

Mt Helena Retreat Centre

The Theosophical Retreat at Mt. Helena lies in the hills approximately 43 km and 1 hours drive from Perth; it comprises a nine hectare (21.75 acres) property in a quiet rural environment. The retreat includes a study centre building, four residential chalets, two bush chalets and a toilet/shower block. In addition, there are two private dwellings.

The retreat is designed to accommodate up to 35 persons and is ideally suited for contemplative and educational events such as meditation, yoga, health, healing, personal growth/development and environmental groups, etc. Whilst the retreat has been established for the use of Theosophical Society members, it is also available for hire by other groups, organisations or individuals; the main requirement is that the proposed activities be in harmony with the peaceful atmosphere which has been established.

1540 Bunning Road, Mt Helena, Western Australia 6082 Australia

Webiste: http://tsperth.com.au/index.php/MtHelena/MtHelena

Brasilia Theosophical Institute

The Paradise on Earth

A space created in the midst of a beautiful nature setting, where visitors find an environment of peace, conducive to meditation, study and spiritual growth. The architectural and landscape design has as its main theme the integration of all spaces into a harmonious whole, making people feel sensitized and inspired by the beauty of the shapes, the color of the flowers, the vegetation, the life and the sounds of nature.

Paradise on Earth

Paradise on Earth, to fulfill its mission of preservation and recovery of the rural area where it is located, adopts a policy of intensive repopulation of trees of the native species of the savannah. Therefore, we recommend that guests and visitors carry a tree cutting (typical of the savannah, fruit trees or decorative plants), which must be delivered at the reception, at the time of registration. In the impossibility of not being able to contribute with the suggested plant, the lodging rate will be increased by R $ 15.00 (fifteen reais),  that will be reverted in the purchase of cuttings


Reserva Ecológica Paraíso na Terra
Rodovia DF-220, Km 4


Phone: (61) 9966 5532 - Osvaldo


Kreivilä Theosophical Summer-Estate

Welcome to a beautiful Theosophical Centre, called Kreivilä, in south-east Finland. Kreivilä is open during the summertime.

It is a peaceful place for courses and retreats. Vegetarian meals.

Year of Formation: 1953


Kreivilän kurssikeskus
Kreiviläntie 219

FI-31110 Forssa


United States of America

Far Horizons Retreat Center

Far Horizons is a haven inspired by Theosophy for those seeking good health for the body and spiritual health for the soul. It is located midway between Los Angeles and San Francisco (about 5.5 hrs. from each) deep in the Sierra Mountains east of Fresno, California, in the Sequoia National Forest.

The Far Horizons mission is to foster an experience of awareness and aliveness for all.

Far Horizons Camp was founded in 1954 by G.V. and Mary Hull. The camp was created as a practical experiment in applying theosophical principles to daily life.

Year of Formation: 1954


Far Horizons Camp
64949 Generals Highway Kings Canyon National Park

93633 CA

United States
Phone: 1-559-565-3692

Krotona Institute of Theosophy

The Krotona Institute is a residential community of Theosophical Society members dedicated to service in a center where the Ageless Wisdom is studied and lived.

Krotona is an international center where residents aspire to live in mutual helpfulness while reaching out to share the profound truths of Theosophy. These truths can change one's direction of life, bringing about renewal and harmony. With an emphasis on meditation, earnest study, and inspired action, Krotona promotes worldwide healing through the uplifting of human consciousness.

As a spiritual center, Krotona seeks to inspire and strengthen aspirants for the opportunities of daily life. The peacefulness of the estate, which also serves as a sanctuary for wildlife, reflects the ideals of the resident TS members as well as the aspirations of committed faculty, students and other friends.

118-acres natural beauty; Headquarters of EST in USA; Krotona School of Theosophy, with dormitory and meeting hall; Bookshop; Library; Residential houses for 35-50 residents.

Year of Formation: 1924


Krotona Institute of Theosophy

46 Krotona Hill

93023 Ojai , CA

United States
Phone: 805 646–1139

New York

Pumpkin Hollow Retreat Center

Pumpkin Hollow

The northeast Theosophical retreat center, was founded in 1937 to provide a peaceful and harmonious setting in which the essential spirituality of the individual can blossom and grow. Nestled amidst the Berkshire and Taconic Mountains, the Retreat Centercovers 130 acres of open fields, lush forests, flower beds, and an abundant vegetable garden nourished by the crystal clear Taconic Stream which flows through the property, rushing over a rocky waterfall and out through the base of a deep hemlock-lined gorge. Pumpkin Hollow offers a unique rustic setting for workshops, retreats, yoga, meditation, evening talks and campfires, singing, dancing, and storytelling. The central house, meditation center, and quaint cabins all connect with a network of nature trails. The Healer's Sanctuary, nestled in a pine grove on the other side of the stream, provides a special place for solitude and meditation.


1184 Route 11, Craryville, NY 12521

phone: 518-325-3583 | email: pumpkin@taconic.net | website: pumpkinhollow.org




Indralaya was founded in 1927 by members of The Theosophical Society in America as an ongoing experiment in living according to theosophical principles. Since that time, Indralaya has been a gathering place for those who are interested living in harmony with nature and with the first Object of the Theosophical Society, which is “to form a nucleus of the universal brotherhood of humanity.”


Orcas Island Foundation, 360 Indralaya Road, Eastsound, WA 98245

Phone: 360-376-4526 | Contact: Minor Lile | Website: indralaya.org