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Videos Exploring Self-Realisation

Mahnich, Jacques

The ego, its composition, its mechanisms and its transformation. Conférence de Jacques Mahnich

Jiddu Krishnamurti talking on "What is a Spiritual Life"


A religious life, not all the religions, not the monks and all that. They are not religious. I know they would abhor me when I say that. I will show it to you logically why it is not. It is all put together by thought. The invention of god is put there by thought. It is simple. All this is clear when you understand the activity of thought.

Juliana Cesano


For a self-interested mind, always wanting and never still, there is no cure for restlessness and unhappiness. However, teachers of different traditions have spoken of a way that leads beyond the confines of this conditioned mind. How can we, in this demanding modern world, follow their precious advice and find what we are really looking for?

Sabine van Osta

2014 International Convention

Speaker: Mrs Sabine van Osta is the General Secretary, Belgium Section, The Theosophical Society

Title: ‘Beacons for a World in Motion: A Clear Mind, a Pure Heart’

Dorthy Bell

Introduction by Mr Esteban Langlois “The Great Awakening: Is It All in the Mind?” Ms Dorothy Bell, Australia


A 4 part webinar - Freedom from the Self: A Study of the Yoga Sutras - Ravi Ravindra

Patanjali’s Yoga Sutras are among the most important writings of the Yoga school, and have remained relevant for 2,300 years because of their wisdom and inspiration. In this webinar course, Ravi Ravindra will explore the heart and purpose of yoga as expressed in the Yoga Sutras, with special emphasis on section 2.2 which states that the true purpose of yoga is the cultivation of Samadhi…

Video: Search Of A Genuine Spiritual Practice

Juliana Cesano shares the many paths, books, and methods that are available today promise the key to happiness and the achievement of everything we want, but not necessarily a genuine spiritual unfoldment. How can we distinguish between a practice of value and one that is mere entertainment? By exploring the teachings of the ancient wisdom tradition we can develop an authentic everyday…

Applied Theosophy – The Pivotal Factor for the 21st Century – Vic Hao Chin Jr.

Applied Theosophy – The Pivotal Factor for the 21st Century – Vic Hao Chin Jr. The aim of the Theosophical Society is to help bring about individual and social transformation. Such a transformation cannot be achieved by providing ideas alone. Applications of such ideas much first be demonstrated to be practicable. In the past 140 years, the Theosophical Society has developed a powerful body of…

Video: Our Potential For Change by Dorothy Bell

Dorothy Bell, international lecturer from Australia on Our Potential For Change. Teachings from the ancient wisdom tradition place us beyond a unitised personality-living-one-lifetime into a higher identity and purpose. Our bigger contect is a sacred journey of evolution, a pilgrimage of the soul returning to its Source in full Self-Realisation through innumerable lifetimes of learning…

Self Realization: In The Present

Self Realization: In The Present | Victoria Mahdion

In the age of the selfie, where does self realization have its place? Victoria Mahdion draws from her experience as a yogi, raw vegan, and professional dancer to explore how our perception toward social media, a healthy dietary regime, and fulfilling our life's work can either expand, or hinder our potential as a self-realized being…

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