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E-Books by G de Purucker

The Esoteric Tradition

Truth may be defined as that which is Reality; and present human intelligence can make but approximate approaches to this Cosmic Real which is measureless in its profundity and in reach, and therefore never fully comprehensible by any finite intellect.


These are a series of talks and question and answer sessions at the Katherine Tingley Memorial Group held from 1929 through to the 1940's. Edited by Arthur L Conger.


This work will appeal to those who question Darwinist theories or find untenable the customary theological dogmas of human origin.


During the course of some fourteen years, Dr. de Purucker had occasion while lecturing to refer in scattered but relevant fashion to the life, work, and mystical story of Jesus called the Christ. Thus it happened that many historic, quasi-historic, and distinctly esoteric data concerning the life of Jesus were mentioned.


This book covers the following topics

- Who are the Masters

- How the Master obtain their Wisdom

- Teachings of the Masters

- The Secret Doctrine of the Ages

- What is Occultism

- The Mystery-Schools and Initiation

- The Sacred Seasons


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Golden Precepts of Esotericism

This little book contains certain teachings given for study and for meditation to Chelas in the Esoteric School. H.P.B.'s 'The Voice of the Silence' comprises a number of extracts from the same sources of teaching in a reproduction which is faithful almost verbatim to the original works from which she drew; but the phraseology in that wonderful little work of hers is often highly technical and…

Fountain Source of Occultism

Derived from twelve booklets of instruction to private students, Fountain-Source restores occultism to its original purity and recreates the atmosphere and discipline of the ancient Mystery schools. The scope of teaching is vast: the primeval wisdom-teaching; discipline and the spiritual path; the genesis, structure and destiny of galaxies and solar systems; correlations of cosmic and human…

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