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E-Books by Henry S. Olcott

H. S. Olcott

Spanish translation of the first volumens of  H. S. Olcott' Old diary leaves, where he offers his point of view about the history of the firsts years of the T. S.

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1885 - A number of talks given by Henery Oclott in India and Celon on popular topics.


The Buddhist Catechism presents basic Buddist teachings compiled from the sacred writings of the southern Buddhists, in the form of questions and answers. It was written by Colnel Henry Steele Olcott in 1881 and is still in use in Buddhist schools.


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The volume which is now laid before the reader will be found divided into Two Parts; of which the First is devoted to a detailed description of the strange things seen, heard, and felt by the author at the Eddy Homestead, in the township of Chittenden, Vermont; and the Second, to a report of a series of original investigations made by him in the city of Philadelphia, into the alleged…

Ebook - Count St Germain and H.P. Blavatsky by H.S. Olcott

This is an interesting little book (only 12 pages) written by Henry Olcott which first appeared in the Theosophist in July 1905. It delves into the connections and ways of operating between those two great messangers of the White Lodge; Count St Germain and Madame Blavatsky.  

Ebook - Old Diary Leaves - Henry Steel Olcott

This collection of the SIX VOLUMES (over 2000 pages) provides intimate details of the extraordinary account of the foundation of the Theosophic Society. This amazing insight into the lives of the two founders, the author Henry Olcott, and Madame Helena Blavatsky, let us understand many of the episodes that followed the foundation of the society, the publication of Isis Unveiled, the Secession…

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