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Miscellaneous E-Books

V Willace Slater

The object of the lecture was to present in a reasonably popular manner the latest theories of atomic structure, atomic energy, and the creation of matter in their relation to certain theosophical concepts. The lecture was published by the Theosophical Research Centre in the hope that it may serve as a basis for further study and research.

Exploring the Mysteries of Existence

This is a 56-page booklet that explores some of the teachings presented by the Theosophical Society.

CWL Speaks

This fine account by Pedro Oliveira of the 1906 crisis in the Theosophical Society, in which the prominent Theosophist Charles Webster Leadbeater was accused of sexual teaching and perhaps practice deemed unacceptable by the Society’s leadership, is important not only for its contribution to Theosophical history, but also because it represents one response to a time of rapid change in the life…

Josephine Ransom

SUCH a title as the above emphasizes our firmly held opinion that the wise Guardians of humanity, whom we call Masters, ever keep our human spiritual progress in mind, and at all times strive to promote it. It is not possible within a small compass to relate with any adequacy the story of the guidance that some Masters of Wisdom have given to The Theosophical Society throughout its history.


AMONG THE CURIOUS LORE of H. P. Blavatsky's Secret Doctrine are her references to a language she called Senzar. Senzar is a mystery. The version of the Stanzas that Blavatsky presents in The Secret Doctrine is said to be an abridgment of the originals, blending together the text of the Stanzas with various glosses (1:23). Some versions of the Stanzas themselves are in other languages; for…


An interesting examination of the influence Sufism on HPB's life, her writings in the Secret Doctrine and the mysterious years before 1875.

This paper also looks at the similarities between George Gurdjieff, another Russian mystic and Madame Blavatsky.


Who was the mysterious person called 'Mary' that Mr Sinnett used as a medium in the 1880's and kept secret from Madame Blavatsky.  Daniel Caldwell's research unveils who the real Mary was likely to be.

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The most comprehensive guide to chakra meditation and the ancient spiritual science of layayoga ever created.


Enough ill has been said of Cagliostro. I intend to speak well of him, because I think this is always preferable, providing one can.

             - Baron de Gleichen: Souvenirs.


Mrs. Cooper-Oakley's painstaking research is so well-known, and so highly appreciated among students, that it is not necessary for me to recommend her work. She has traveled far and wide over Europe, visiting famous libraries, in order to collect, with long perserverance and unwearied exertion, the materials which we read at our ease, in
comfortable armchairs, with their feet on the…


A Word Upon the Objects of the Theosophical Society

1st:—To form the nucleus of a Universal Brotherhood of Humanity, without distinction of race, creed, sex, caste or color.


Mary Neff (1935) in her book Personal Memoirs of H. P. Blavatsky says "N.C. Paul, G.B.M.C wrote a small, but very interesting and very scientific pamphlet. He was only a regimental surgeon in Benares, but his name was well known among his compatriots as a very learned specialist in physiology. The pamphlet was called A Treatise on the Yoga Philosophy, and produced a sensation amongst the…


n these volumes we have not only a gospel to the world at large, but also, to its own children, the Charter of the Hindu faith. For the first time in history, Hinduism itself forms here the subject of generalization of a Hindu mind of the highest order. What Hinduism had needed was the organizing and consolidating of its own idea, a rock where she could lie at anchor, and an authoritative…

Helena Roerich

Helena Roerich (1879-1955) was an unusually gifted woman, author of many books. Her collected Letters, in two volumes, are an example of the wisdom, spiritual insight, and simple advice she shared with a multitude of correspondents--friends, foes, and co-workers alike.


German-born Sanskritist and philologist Max Muller (1823-1900) was a pioneer in the field of comparative mythology and religion. The content of this book was originally presented as part of a lecture series delivered at the University of Glasgow in 1893, where Muller was serving as the Gifford Lecturer. Muller's aim in presenting these lectures was to show that the only way of properly…

Human Aura

In February 1894, Dr. Auguste Marques worked with Mrs. Mary Foster to establish the Aloha Branch of the Theosophical Society, and he became its first President and host of weekly meetings. In the 1890s, Dr. Marques frequently contributed articles to Mercury and other Theosophical periodicals. From 1899-1901, Dr. Marques served as General Secretary of the Australian Section.

Is this Theosophy

Ernest Wood

Ernest Wood was an English educator, writer, lecturer, and Sanskrit scholar who was active in the Theosophical Society based in Adyar, Chennai, India. Dr. Wood was very active in the Society for the Promotion of National Education that was established in 1916 by Annie Besant and others.

The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ

Transcribed from The Book of God’s Remembrance (Akashic Records)

By Levi H. Dowling (1844-1911)

Download the PDF Version:  The Aquarian Gospel of Jesus, the Christ by Levi Dowling

Comte de St. Germain The Secret of Kings

Mrs. Cooper-Oakley's painstaking research is so well-known, and so highly appreciated among students, that it is not necessary for me to recommend her work. She has traveled far and wide over Europe, visiting famous libraries, in order to collect, with long perserverance and unwearied exertion, the materials which we read at our ease, in comfortable armchairs, with their feet on the fender. So…

Count St Germain

This eBook has been compiled from a series of articles that appreared in The Theosophical Path from January 1914 through to July 1915.  There are 18 of them and they have been deeply researched by P.A. Malpas.

This is a very fasinating eBook on Count St Germain - well worth reading!

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From Death to Rebirth

Pekka Ervast (1875–1934; P. E.) was a pioneer of the Finnish Theosophical movement, and he lectured, wrote books and journal articles on a multitude of Theosophical topics for almost forty years. In many of his lectures and writings, he discussed life after death from multiple points of view.


This ebook is a compliation of articles published in The Theosophical Path between April 1932 and 1936

Poems to the Master - MC Bright

The authoress of these poems, Mrs. Mary C. A. Bright, a member of the Blavatsky Lodge of the Theosophical Society, Sydney, N. S. W .-has kindly asked me to pen a few words of introduction to this her first published book.


It was in The Secret Doctrine of Н. P. Blavatsky that the modern world was first presented with the phrase “The Seven Rays.” It went along with a statement that all things and beings in the world—all forms of mind and matter—arose from combinations of seven fundamental impulses. It was maintained that the substance or basis of the whole world—objective and subjective—is “spiritual,” which…


Put out by the Theosophical Society, Adyar in 1918.  This a classic tale of a little girl that discovers fairies and other mythical creatures for the first time.  Suitable for children with some lovely illustrations.



• A rainy day

• Poppy

• Under the ocean

• The cloud fairies

• The gnome

• The salamander


n Palestine, on the slopes of Mount Hermon, about forty-five miles north of the Sea of Galilee, are scattered the ruins of an ancient city, Caesarea Philippi by name. One day, while approaching the outskirts of this city—if we may trust the story of the Gospels1—the Christian Master asked His disciples a question of such far-reaching importance that, had its full meaning been understood by…

Lost Key

The likelihood of a favorable acceptance of the astounding revelation to be made in this essay will be considerably heightened if the epochal disclosure is preceded by sufficient prefatory exegesis to present it in its proper "frame of reference".


The Discourses of Epictetus are a series of extracts of the teachings of the Stoic philosopher Epictetus written down by Arrian c. 108 AD. For centuries, Stoicism was virtually the unofficial religion of the Roman world The stress on endurance, self-restraint, and power of the will to withstand calamity can often seem coldhearted.

The Messenger

This small treatise discusses the paintings and spiritual work of Russian painter Nicholas Roerich.



Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, best known as the creator of Sherlock Holmes but also a devout spiritualist, was entirely convinced by a set of photographs seemingly showing two young girls playing with a group of tiny, translucent fairies. To demonstrate his unshakable belief in the spirit world, the celebrated writer published, in 1922.


William Kingsland (May 5, 1855 - February 6, 1936) was an English engineer, scientist, author and Theosophist. He was President of the Blavatsky Lodge in London and was present in the meetings where H. P. Blavatsky answered members' questions on The Secret Doctrine.


Shaikh Sharfuddin Maneri (14th century) is also known as Makhdum-ul-Mulk, or Master of the Kingdom. Born near Patna in Behar, India, he was initiated by Najibuddin Firdausi and was equally proficient in secular learning and esoteric knowledge. The present book consists of the translation of extracts from the Maktubat-i-Sadi ("The Hundred Letters," or rather essays on definite subjects), the…


From the Introduction

In the course of my teaching and lecturing in universities and other institutions, I have discovered during the past decade or more an increasing interest in the concept of karma. It comes out in discussion at the slightest provocation and indeed sometimes with no detectable provocation at all. It is not always well understood.


The Secret Doctrine, when correctly studied, produces a definite change in those who study it.


1921. This volume, presented in a question and answer format, is intended to be a primer for students of Theosophy. The material collected here is drawn from over seventy books and pamphlets, mainly the works of the wonderful occultist, C.W. Leadbeater, and the famous President of the Theosophical Society, Mrs. Annie Besant.


It would be a difficult task to give full, detailed accounts of all the circumstances which occurred during the preparation of this remarkable work, because it must never be forgotten that H.P.B. was, as she often herself expressed it, only the compiler of the work.


Mysticial, Philosophical, Theosophical, Historical and Scientifc Essays selected from the Theosophist.


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Self-Knowledge is a translation by Swami Nikhilananda of the sacred text, Atmabodha, composed by the 8th century philosopher and mystic of India, Sankara. Self-Knowledge sets forth the principles of Non-dualistic Vedanta: the divinity of the soul, the unity of existence, the oneness of the Godhead, and the harmony of religions.

The Rosicrucian Mysteries

Max Heindel [1865-1919] is recognized as one of the greatest western mystics of the twentieth century. Heindel is the founder of the Rosicrucian Fellowship. The author of a number of Rosicrucian works, Heindel's "The Rosicrucian Mysteries" is regarded as a classic work providing a guide for students to understand basic Rosicrucian teachings.

The Republic by Plato

Since the mid-nineteenth century, the Republic has been Plato’s most famous and widely read dialogue. As in most other Platonic dialogues the main character is Socrates. It is generally accepted that the Republic belongs to the dialogues of Plato’s middle period. In Plato’s early dialogues, Socrates refutes the accounts of his interlocutors and the discussion ends with no satisfactory…

Ebook - Gone West by J Ward

John Sebastian Marlow Ward, also known as J. S. M., had a vision early in December 1913 in which he learned of the death of his father-in-law, H. J. L. The vision began with a message that he had died suddenly and went on to show his funeral where Ward and his wife Carrie were present. On January 5th (H. J. L.'s birthday), Ward and Carrie received a telegram to say H. J. L. had suddenly died…

Ebook - Theosophy an Introduction by H.P Blavastsky - Compiled and edited by Daniel Caldwell

This eBook has been compiled by Daniel H, Caldwell bringing together articles written by H P Blavatsky on a variety of topics. A number of things orginate from Isis Unveiled and the Secret Doctrine.


Ebook - Zanoni by Edward Bulwer-Lytton

Zanoni is an 1842 novel by Edward Bulwer-Lytton, a story of love and occult aspiration. By way of introduction, the author confesses: "...

Ebook - Reincarnation Explored by J. Algeo

Have we been here before? Various spiritual traditions propose that this life is not the first one we have lived on this earth, but one of many. We could say that with each new life we are in fact picking up from where we left off.

Ebook - The Idea Of Rebirth by Francesca Arundale

No subject claims more earnest attention from religious thinkers in the present day than the doctrine which this volume is designed to defend and interpret.

ebook - Ancient Egypt: The Light Of The World by Gerald Massey

With his earlier two series in Egyptology, Gerald Massey turned existing doctrine on its head to argue that not only had Egypt spawned human civilization, but that Egyptian mythology was the basis for Jewish and Christian beliefs. The culmination of his years at this particular intellectual pursuit, Ancient Egypt: The Light of the World is Massey's crown jewel.

ebook - The True Occult Path by P.G. Bowen

The True Occult Path. - Introduction by editor, E. A. Ansell: "The matter contained in this little book was originally given in the form of a lecture to the Dublin Lodge of the Adyar Theosophical Society. Later, at the request of the editor, it was recast and published in its present form in the magazine - THEOSOPHY IN IRELAND. The Author, Capt.

Ebook - HPB In Memory Of Helana Petrovna Blavatsky 1891

Memories of the 'old lady' by some of her pupils including: Laura M, Cooper, G.R.S. Mead, Isabel Cooper-Oakley, Constance Watchmeister, A.P. Sinnett, Charles Johnston, William Q. Judge, Annie Besant, Herbert Burrows, Archibald Keightley, Bertram Keightley, H.S. Olcott and others.

This is a very interesting read by those who knew most intimately.

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